Spirits Tavern & Italian American Restaurant

Warrensburg Italian Restaurant, Italian Food Takeout and Italian Food Catering

Spirits Tavern & Italian American Restaurant

Warrensburg Italian Restaurant, Italian Food Takeout and Italian Food Catering

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Italian Food Takeout in Lake George

Spirits Tavern & Italian American Restaurant is the top Italian takeout restaurant to satisfy your craving for authentic Italian delicacies. Here, there’s food for the whole family to enjoy—all for a bargain-value bill to boot.

We invite you to explore our online menu and call us at (518) 504-4205 to place your order.

Buon appetito!


Local Italian Restaurant

On the hunt for old-style spaghetti and meatballs? Searching for a hearty meal under ten dollars? Your search ends here.

Spirits Tavern & Italian American Restaurant is your local neighborhood Italian restaurant. We do Italian the right way: with fresh, seasonal ingredients and a top-secret recipe book full of authentic cuisine. Here, high-quality Italian food is more accessible than ever: we offer takeout.

Get your favorite Italian plate delivered straight to your door. We hope you’re hungry.

Quick Italian Food Delivery

Times are changing, and we change with them. We recognize that more and more diners want the traditional dining experience without leaving the house.

Our response? No problem.

When convenience is the name of the game, we have all your bases covered with an expansive delivery route. We deliver our trademark quality ingredients, classic recipes, and generous portions straight to your front door.

As soon as you call, we begin preparing your order straight away—you’ll be sitting at the table (or on the couch) with that home-crafted dish in front of you in no time.

Online Italian Takeout

Fast Delivery Times

No one knows it better than us—Italian food is best served hot. That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure our delivery team works like a speedy super-machine. Our kitchen is state-of-the-art. Our food packaging retains heat optimally. Our delivery vehicles and drivers are top-notch.

When you receive your garlic bread or custom suborder, you won’t believe it’s traveled any distance at all.

Your Favorite Italian Takeout Menu

We’re delighted to offer all our mouth-watering appetizers, mains, wings, salads, pizzas, and subs for takeout. One look at our menu and you’ll be amazed at the variety of choices you have. You could order takeout five days a week and still have something new to try.

Click to check out our online menu. Make sure you have the phone ready—we’re confident you’ll want to place your order right away.

Affordable Italian Takeout Food

Too many restaurants are overpriced and out-of-range for the average diner. When you order takeout, you want a freshly-made meal—what you don’t want is a bill with shock-value. Enter Spirits Tavern & Italian American Restaurant. We provide all the high-quality produce and cooking skills necessary to concoct that perfect bite without taking you off-budget. Our takeout menu is priced affordably so that everyone can enjoy the flavorful food of Italy right at home.

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Lake George’s Best Italian Restaurant

Spirits Tavern & Italian American Restaurant is your new favorite Italian bistro with an affordable takeout menu. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine—no European travel necessary. We bring a little bit of Italy straight to your home table.

Pick up the phone and place your takeout order now. Dinner is served!